Criminal Defense & Compliance Litigation

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Criminal Defense & Compliance Litigation

White Goss’ attorneys defend cases in state and federal courts throughout the region on a wide variety of regulatory and white collar criminal matters.  Our attorneys have a deep working knowledge of the best practices and procedures to prevent or minimize liability for individuals and small and large businesses.  With common sense and a business perspective, we help achieve our clients’ goals as quickly and efficiently as possible and often resolve matters before criminal charges are filed.

Antitrust Price Fixing

White Goss’ attorneys partner with your general counsel or senior management providing a zealous defense to antitrust charges, allegations of price fixing or Sherman Act violations.  Our attorneys have successfully represented corporations in federal antitrust civil and criminal cases in Kansas and Missouri for more than 25 years.  When retained in the investigative stage, our goal is to resolve your case quickly and in a civil, rather than a criminal forum.


For many victims of embezzlement, seeing the perpetrator brought to justice is important, but restitution of the stolen funds is critical to business success. By applying the experience, skills and strategies we have gained in the defense of criminal cases, the attorneys at White Goss are often able to ensure that clients recover embezzled funds.

Environmental Law

Our environmental law attorneys have extensive experience representing companies, their executives and employees in civil and criminal enforcement of state and federal environmental laws and regulations. We have worked with the EPA in a variety of cases including Clean Water Act violations, falsification of air monitoring devices and fuel oil spills. Our goal is to represent our clients and avoid criminal prosecution.

Health Care Fraud

White Goss’ attorneys represent health care providers who are being investigated for or charged with health care fraud. Our history involves successfully defending clients in cases involving anti-kickback laws and allegations of fraudulent billing practices.

Identity Theft

If you are a victim of identity theft, it is important to know your rights and the compensation that may be available to you.  More and more victims of identity theft are taking action and filing civil lawsuits against the companies who did not safeguard their personal information. Our attorneys will work with you to determine your best course of action in the case of identity theft.

White Goss’ attorneys also have the experience to handle charges filed against you that may be associated with an identity theft case including forgery, false writing, computer crime, bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

Mail & Wire Fraud

The attorneys at White Goss handle complex RICO and federal fraud defense cases including mail and wire fraud, bank fraud in commercial lending, computer fraud, CFAA violations defense, health care fraud, hospital fraud defense, securities fraud, insider trading defense, and obstruction of justice.

Money Laundering

Companies and individuals conducting legitimate business are often caught up in money laundering allegations. Money laundering is often added to a fraud charge in order to enhance a sentence under the federal sentencing guidelines. White Goss understands the complexities of money laundering charges and the related predicate offenses, which often accompany money laundering charges. For more than 25 years, corporations and business leaders in Kansas and Missouri have turned to White Goss for criminal defense counsel.

Mortgage Fraud & Bank Fraud

Federal prosecutions of mortgage fraud and bank fraud have increased dramatically in the last three years. The attorneys at White Goss have more than 25 years of trial experience defending financial fraud cases in criminal, civil and regulatory forums. We understand the issues, whether they involve stated income loans, allegations of inflated appraisals or other factors.

Obstruction of Justice & Witness Tampering

Accusations of obstruction of justice or witness tampering can end with serious consequences. Charges can stem from something as seemingly innocuous as asking a person not to testify against you, omitting certain information from testimony or giving false information to authorities. White Goss’ attorneys work within the law to avoid or minimize the consequences. The ultimate goal is to preserve your personal and professional standing and clear you of the charges.

Securities Fraud

The attorneys at White Goss have more than 25 years experience representing individuals and corporations facing charges involving violations of SEC rules, securities laws and other financial regulations. Our initial goal is to ensure that your case remains a civil matter, rather than a criminal prosecution. The attorneys at White Goss have helped many clients protect their careers and their futures by providing the strongest possible defense against criminal charges.

Tax Evasion

The attorneys at White Goss can help eliminate or minimize exposure for those facing a civil or criminal IRS investigation. Our attorneys have successfully resolved cases of income tax fraud, under-reporting of earnings and other tax related matters.

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White Goss Client Experience

  • Briarcliff Development Company
  • Carlyle Van Lines, Inc.
  • CBS Outdoor, Inc.
  • Christie Development Associates LLC
  • City of Belton, Missouri
  • City of Chillicothe, Missouri
  • City of Gladstone, Missouri
  • City of Liberty, Missouri
  • Columbia Mall TDD
  • Commerce Bank, N.A.
  • CUNA Mutual Insurance Society
  • Development District Association, Inc.
  • Ford Motor Company
  •, Inc.
  • Harley Davidson Motor Company
  • Heartland Apartment Association
  • Highwoods Properties
  • Home Builders Association
  • Hunt Midwest Enterprises, Inc.
  • Jackson County Sports Complex Authority
  • James Stowers III
  • Kansas City Life Insurance Company
  • Lamar Company
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • M D Management, Inc.
  • Master Realty Properties, Inc.
  • McBride & Son Homes Kansas City, LLC
  • Murphy-Hoffman Company
  • North American Savings Bank
  • Pinnacle Bank
  • Platte County Economic Development Council, Incorporated
  • Price Brothers Management Company
  • Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
  • Tower Properties Company
  • Union Bank and Trust Company
  • Valley View State Bank
  • Village of Four Seasons, Missouri
  • Zona Rosa Development, LLC